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WARNING: Over half your income has moved to the Internet. 

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Hi, I'm Tom Christopher,

My public speaker friends keep asking me how they can make money online. I'm glad to talk to them about it, but I'm getting tired of saying it all over time and again, scribbling notes on scraps of paper, and trying to figure out which details are most important to get across in the brief time we have. When Joe Sabah has invited me to speak to the Speakers in Colorado meetup, I decided it was time to get it written down for those who attend the talk — and for those who can't attend. That's why I've put together this e-course. Sign up for free and learn what I'd tell you if we had the time.

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In this course you will learn:
How to pump up your web site's traffic, attract customers, and earn more.
  How to turn 500 words into 50,000.
 How to build your lists of prospects and customers.
 How to write a book just by talking.
 How to sell your book for 80% royalty, not the usual 5%-10%.
 How to find out for free if people are hungry for your message before you spend a lot of time on it.
How to build the loyalty of your lists.
 How to earn more than 40% of the retail price selling other people's bookswithout an inventory.
 How to gain repeat customers by giving away information.
 How to promote your web sites and get paid for doing it.